March 2012

Forbidden island

got to finish Maurice’s half sleeve right before he goes off to viva las vegas..had fun doing this wish i had more clients requesting this stuff..enjoy homie



ive been neglecting the site heres some new work ive done over the past month

portrait and got to tattoo my pops!

got to tattoo my pops …anyone that remotely knows me knows how close we you old man! haha

some japanese inspired work

this is chads sleeve he originally came to only wanting a half sleeve i left it open over time we kept adding more and more and finally got to finish it

some random pictures

some 5th graders came to interview about being a tattoo artist aswell as a collector they had alot of interesting questions they came with cameras and microphones these lil kids were legit!……trick luuuuuuuuuuuh da kids!!!!!!

at the grand opening of the 5points lounge right next to our shop

at a friends birthday party with my main dame

went to the tool concert with my homie joshua i must say it was a pretty intense lightshow it was awesome and they sounded better live

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