September 2010

progress pics

Doing this st jude rib piece on javier this is the second session id say we have one more solid session and another one to clean things up cant wait to finish this piece

Had this client said he had some rough patches in his life he gave me a brief description of what he was looking for so we blasted this on him

tattooed this on my homie Sergio Luis Mesa he works with me here at the shop he specializes in japanese ..we did this from a Rembrandt painting didnt get to finish it was like a late night and we wanted some drinks! so we bounced lol well work on it soon



tattooed nats hands today “fair game” …decided to keep the fonts different no more average jobs!

silvia ji sleeve

havent really posted any progress pics of this …didnt feel like i had enough progress til now sorry for the cellphone pic still gotta add some color on it and bring it up

new tats …on myself!

so ive been taking it pretty easy and holding back on gettin large scale work done on me so i got a couple tats these couple tattooed in the back of the neck by josh kreeps here at the shop …hes not too sweet on the hand definitely earned this one…thanks alot homie

we kept saying around the shop about gettin some mike giant inspired bangers got this shotgun and shank done by Jackson Valiente

sailor jerry event @ HELL BOUND CITY TATTOO

went out to support the homie Esteban at hell bound city tattoos for the sailor jerry event


so things last month felt a little slow for me i did tattoo and keep busy but not many pieces that i enjoyed doing so september starts and were off to go a good start

did this mini george michael on Maggie she had been wanting this for a while and actually wanted it mini style hadnt done one of these in a while but i actually enjoyed doing it got into it

did this marilyn on robin…it wraps around her arm getting a good picture of this is hard but it should heal nice and soft ill try to get a better pic of it later

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