August 2010

photography by Roy Varga

we had a little shoot at the shop for our new website and for us to have thanks to Roy Varga amazing photographer


FERNANDO’S going away

this was this past sunday it was fernandos going away, hes the one in the middle the mexican looking one lol cool homie from california went away for school hope you can make it back homie

this is the team,this picture shows everyone that comes pretty much everyday and support the KREEPY TIKI AND MONTEREY CLUB

team skeet baaaaybeh!

got this today from my homie murdizimo jones quick banger to rep the team lol

south florida tattoo convention mobile pics

esteban met this young lady you can tell how happy she was by her facial expression
vatos n pirates!
me sporting the em for sale at the shop

back piece

did this on my homie luis from 25th street riders car club we had talked about doing this for over quite some time this is the third session and the 64 impala is actually his car at the first car show he took it too, one more session should finish the back piece looking forward to it

The Monterey club

this is a small documentary about the bar that is right next door pretty much connected to our shop check out the interview with the owner Rob Stannard

The Monterey Club - Rob Stannard Interview from Adi Rubinstein on Vimeo

evil dead/ zombie prom at the kreepy tiki/monterey club

the evil dead musical had a fund raiser here at the kreepy tiki and had zombie prom mad people showed up in their costumes and it was pretty dope . Aran came and wanted to get a lil zombie tat and i zapped baby bri on him

Photos by Aran S Graham

new tang tangssss

Did this piece on my home skillet Stephanie she’s a photographer down here in miami but she doesnt have website..this is her first piece she had said she wanted to get a tattoo for a while she finally crack …the colors came a little dulled down in the pic

This one is on Lauren she came in the shop looking for me luckily i was free since she lives so far she wanted a pocket watch with magnolias and branches coming out of and we came up with this

Salvador Dali “Down the rabbit whole”

went to the exhibit this past wednesday at the miramar cultural center for the “down the rabbit whole” it was a small exhibit but it was cool to see Salvador Dali’s take on alice in wonderland these are some of the pics i took they look shitty because they wouldnt let me take them but i snuck some in there

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