July 2010



“Walking on “TING” ice”

This is Chelsea’s leg she’s the apprentice here at the shop had a slow day so we took the chance to finish her piece since she is leaving soon…”walking on “ting” ice” is an inside joke that come up as we finished this piece good times…good luck out there Chels!

Jennys back piece

This is a back piece i did on one of my customers Jenny, she wanted to cover up a scar or atleast take the attention of it so she had an idea of gypsy that she wanted and roses and to some how represent her kids so i used the pedals as representation of her kids …ENJOY MY SONS!!!


finished this piece on mark we did two session everything totaled about 8 hours…fun piece to do

Joeys leg finished


this is the third session on prior we just have to do the inner arm

DE BERNARDI…….pics of my bike

got this bike built by keirin cycles in miami florida….had it for a about two months still changing a couple things on it but rides amazing….hope yall like it..

and the seat was tattooed by me


This is my second session on this piece…we just gotta fine tune it on the next one and and background ..sorry for the cellphone picture


tattooed this today on mikey murder …you might have seen his tags and murals around town as “MURDER”

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