June 2010

virgin tat

Did this virgin mary the other day lots of fun…i love doing religious pieces there so dramatic and sad….hahaha good shit!!! hope yall like it..



So ive been wanting to get a banger from JACKSIN at the shop for some time now, we never got around to but i had gotten a hair cut that day it was the end of the night and it had to be done…so here are some flics ….damn this shit was fuckin painful …feels like i was being scalped haha, i also had a shot of moonshine before it was awesome went down really smooth 135 proof to be exact ..highly recommended…once again thanks JACKSIN for the head blast

here he is ruthless grimey and reppin the 305

shop pics

new phil hub

Got a new phil hub for my bike and a njs front brake ill be posting pictures of the bike some time soon…built by keirin


by mike giant

i want this lady fren

check out Interpol’s new video “lights”


this is a tattoo i started yesterday on an old customer its the first dragon i do half sleeve it was fun not at hectic as i thought it would be doing scales lol…looking forward to finishing this piece

works in progress….mobile pics

got one more session to go on both of these …pictures taken with my phone


outside the shop hanging out for bike night from left to right Sergio Luis Mesa,Kreepy Jackson, and my self.

heres there facebook link
This is a weekly ride for all types of cyclists. The ride will cover 15-20 miles. All bikes are welcome. Meet up in front of Dadeland Station near the metro stop. I figure this location is accessible to just about everybody.

Water, helmets, and lights are recommended. Costumes, funny hats, and bells are always appreciated.

here are some pics of my first velo event

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